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Every dog deserves a second chance

Dog aggression is a very serious problem, not only for the family that owns the dog but also for society in general. It is a complex, dangerous situation and needs to be corrected without delay. Many trainers, behaviour specialists, veterinarians and others in the pet field will tell you what you want to hear. We at TNT K-9 CONCEPTS will tell you what you have to hear. Most dog trainers don't understand aggression. Some are afraid of aggressive dogs and will tell the owner to destroy the dog so the trainer doesn't have to deal with the problem.

I specialize in dog aggression therapy. After 20 years of experience, I have found that 98% of the dogs who display aggressive behavior have had a bad experience with a dog or person in their past, or their confidence is simply too low. Muzzles don’t stop aggression. Aggressive behaviour can be controlled through proper consultation and training techniques. By taking obedience courses you will rebuild your dog’s confidence and he or she we be well balanced for the rest of their lives. Veterinarians are not trainers, and should not be consulted in cases of aggressive behaviour. Some trainers with little experience are not specialists. They simply have not been around enough dogs to get a good overall judgement of how to treat aggressive behaviour.

This subject could be talked about for many hours, but if you think your pet has a problem please don’t hesitate to contact me. Every dog deserves a second chance!

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