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Our vast range of experience with dogs makes us the canine center of excellence, from Puppy Kindergarten to Home Protection


Find articles / people on command

  • For dogs who have reached the highest level of obedience with TNT K-9 CONCEPTS

  • 12 lessons of 1 hour each (group setting or private)

  • Use your dog's incredible sense of smell to track through contact scent, airborne scent and ground scent to find people/articles

  • Help find live bodies and cadavers, on land or in the water

  • A very rewarding course for both dog and handler


Certificate Upon Graduation

Graduation certificate
Tracking and Rescue Search/Pistage recherche et sauvetage
Tracking and Rescue Search/ Pistage recherche et Sauvetage
Tracking & Search and Rescue - Pistage | Recherche et sauvetage

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